The Time Is Now

DeAdrien Willams is an active member of his church, he is also an active participant of Silver Lining of Hope Crusade. Over the weekend DeAdrien became a victim of a violent crime. He was shot multiple times, but by the grace of God, he lived. DeAdrien is not in any gangs, nor was he doing anything he didn’t have any business doing. He was just minding his own business and targeted by local thugs who had no regard for his life. We thank God that he made it out alive and we are encouraged to fight even harder to stop violent crimes within our community.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

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Sadly DeAdrien is just one of many people who fall victim to violent crimes. He was lucky enough to walk away but so many others aren’t. Too many people look at this issue and don’t think it affects them but it affects us all. Do not wait until something like this happens to you or someone you know. Get involved now and help to find a solution to this problem. Bring awareness to people who are unaware of just how big this problem is. We don’t want this issue getting so far out of our hands that we can no longer do anything about it.

We encourage everyone to get involved. We want to make a difference, but we can’t do it alone. To DeAdrien Williams and his family, please know you are all in our prayers. To anyone else who is reading this, please know the time is now. Let us stand together now so that our children, grandchildren, brothers, and sister can someday feel safe.


DeAdrien has a bright future ahead of him. We thank God that he allowed him to stay with us. Please keep him in your prayers, and send well wishes to his family if you know him. We will keep fighting so that no one has to go through this again.



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